Our Vision, our mission

It's Time For A President Who Knows America Is Great.


Our Mission: Draft Joe Biden


Time For Biden was founded in January of 2018 with the central mission to draft Joe Biden to run for president in 2020. Of all of the potential candidates, we believe Joe Biden is not only the most qualified in terms of sheer experience, but offers a message of unity rather than divisiveness. Our philosophy, our vision, our hope is that the Democratic Party and those on our side of the political spectrum, realise that our common goals far outweigh any differences.

At Time For Biden, we are seeking to avert the catastrophe that the GOP experienced in 2016. An overcrowded field of candidates leaves only room for the most bombastic, populist, and radical voices to be heard. If we too stifle real debate, Democrats could end up on a similar path to the one that has left us with the current administration. We must learn from the mistakes of our opponents. We cannot succumb to the temptation to engage in infighting when our rights, our national identity, and our values are at stake.

Our vision is to establish Joe Biden as an early frontrunner. We are methodically building the infrastructure required to ensure his victory in the primaries and the general election. On the path to victory, we plan to support, fund, and aid qualified 2018/ 2020 candidates who will restore legitimate leadership to our House and Senate. We are owned nothing less than a Congress that answers to its constituents, not lobbyists, and holds our country over party. We hope you will join us in our effort to return responsibility, cooperation, and reform to the halls of Washington.

It's time to protect our values. It's time to return credibility to our political system. It's Time For Biden.


Isn't 2018 More Important Now?

 We believe we can tackle the immediate priorities at hand while looking beyond one election cycle. True political change is only possible if we have the will to address short-term goals while always keeping future priorities in mind. We cannot afford the luxury of considering 2018 and 2020 to be separate issues.  We have committed to an approach that is as much tactical as it is strategic. Our success in 2020 will be determined by our success in 2018. Therefore, supporting candidates now is as important as building our support structure to help candidates in the future.

The Blue Wave cannot be a one-time event like a surprise sneaker wave- quickly receding back to sea. Rather, we plan to sustain Democratic enthusiasm until we have a reverberating Blue Tsunami. By supporting our endorsed candidates while preparing for a Biden run, we will fight on all fronts without neglecting the tasks at hand.

The Reality: On the day of Donald Trump's inauguration, January 20th, 2017, he filed with the FEC to run in 2020.

The Campaign for 2020 started January 20th, 2017 whether we like it or not. Our general election opponent is already holding fundraisers, holding rallies, and making every effort to ensure his agenda is carried out for two full terms. We cannot, and will not let that happen.

We must be ready to fight preparation with preparation.

This is why we launched Time For Biden before other draft campaigns. It is never to early to be prepared when so much is at stake. It is only through foresight and fastidious planning that we can ensure that we flip the House, Senate, and The White House. The road ahead may be long and challenging, but our job is to build the infrastructure from the grassroots up so that Joe will be running for President when he announces, and not just for the Democratic nomination.


If you agree that we cannot afford to wait to begin preparing to win in 2018 and 2020, please join us by signing up as a supporter. 

We’re going to be OK because of the American people. They have more grit, determination and courage than you can imagine.
— Joe Biden