Meet The Team.


Meet The Founders

Time For Biden was founded after countless conversations and countless cups of coffee between friends and Co-Founders Matthew Graf, and Collin West.

We look forward to expanding the TFB Family as we work tirelessly to Draft Joe Biden and fight for American Values.


Matthew Graf

Co-Founder & National Chairman

Rock Island, IL

Born to a military family in Saudi Arabia, Matthew has spent much of his time living abroad. He participated in Rotary Youth Exchange to Denmark, where he learned Danish and found an appreciation for the Nordic model of social democracy. He later studied diplomacy and international relations in London. After volunteering with a non-profit organisation monitoring anti-semitism in the UK, Matthew found a passion for fighting against prejudice, bigotry, and injustice. Originally planning to join the State Department, Matthew changed his career goals after the 2016 election. Noting his objections to the current administration, he decided to focus on implementing change domestically while advocating for a sensible approach to foreign policy. After returning to Rock Island, Illinois, Matthew has been outspoken about the need reform American healthcare, learning from the example set by European Allies. He is also an advocate for healthy media consumption, emphasising the need for a balance of news and opinion. He hopes the US will one day make providing nonpartisan news a priority domestically as it already does abroad.


Collin West

Co-Founder & National Chairman

East Moline, IL

Collin West is an Illinois native. He grew up with a strong influence in the house- his firefighting father. Because of this, from his youth, Collin has been around Union members, their meetings, and their politics. His own upbringing is a testament to how organised labor makes it possible for workers to support their families while contributing to their community. Collin is the president of the Rock Island County Young Democrats, and has been a strong voice in regional politics. He has worked on numerous political campaigns, the latest of which being for an Illinois Democratic gubernatorial candidate. Collin is passionate about getting Joe Biden elected because of his pro-Union stances, his no-nonsense approach to politics, and his many years of experience. He calls for a return to sensible politics, with an emphasis on bipartisanship no longer being a dirty word. He is also passionate about raising the minimum wage, so that anyone putting in 40 hours every week does not live in poverty. Collin advocates for reducing the cost of getting a higher education, while making it easier for students not interested in higher education to access vocational training. In other words, Collin knows the answer when asked, "which side are you on?"