Endorsement Announcement: Sara Dady

Time For Biden is proud to announce our endorsement of Sara Dady! Sara is a law firm partner  running to replace Republican incumbent Adam Kinzinger in Illinois' 16th Congressial District. 
Her many experiences working in immigration law have given her a passion for helping ensure that The American Dream remains a possibility for all those who aspire to fulfil it.

We are moved by Sara's passion for Dreamers and her dedication to improving healthcare access and affordability for all Americans. When we spoke with Sara, she shared her story of the devastating and untimely passing of her mother. Despite teaching for many years, Sara's mother was uninsured, and was unable to afford a doctor-recommended MRI which would very likely have prevented her death. Sara joins us in calling for affordable healthcare for all Americans.

Illinois and America need Sara in Washington DC. She will be an advocate for her very large district (stretching from the Wisconsin border to Indiana) and an advocate for those of us who want to see change. Sara is running against an incumbent who not only has received NRA funding, but has yet to hold a real Town Hall in the district since the past election.

Help us help Sara Dady make Illinois 17th' Congressional District part of the Blue Wave!

Matthew Graf