Our Mission is Simple. Flip The House. Flip The Senate.
Flip The White House.


Protecting American Values

We believe that America's strength is found in its diversity. We only support candidates who will protect and represent ALL Americans regardless of their race, religion, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation. The American Dream is not dead, and we need leaders like Joe, who will not leave anyone behind. We need a President willing and able to protect the middle-class and those who aspire to join it. 



Restoring American Leadership

'America First' is America alone. We cannot continue down the dangerous path towards isolationism and nationalism. If the United States does not engage with the world, we fail our allies and ourselves. We must honor our international obligations and advocate for human rights and freedoms around the world. Joe Biden we be a president who averts global crises and controversies, instead of creating them.



Enacting Real Reforms

Congress has failed to address issues a majority of Americans agree upon. DACA, sensible gun reform, and healthcare reforms have been repeatedly undermined by hyper-partisans more concerned about reelection than improving the lives of their constituents. It's time for a congress and a president who are willing to take action for us instead of taking orders from lobbyists.



Looking Beyond Election Cycles

We're excited about the blue wave, but we cannot stop there. Americans need to stay engaged and involved in politics even after the Trump Administration is out of office. We aim to end the era of pendulum politics. We think it is vital to promote civic engagement and political literacy in the next generation of voters.