Our Commitment To Candidates.


At Time For Biden, we appreciate the massive undertaking running a campaign can be for candidates. That's why we want to help them in every way that we possibly can. Our goal is to provide nationwide support for candidates running in races in Red States and Blue States alike.

Time For Biden supports federal-level candidates in a variety of ways. The most straightforward is through funding. We are not confined to the same funding limits as an individual giving directly to a candidate, and can provide direct and indirect financial support for candidates. This means, that even if you have reached your direct contribution cap, your donations can still help candidates you support. We adhere to all FEC rules and regulations, meaning that any support we may provide is never the result of direct coordination or collusion.

Many organizations stop at just providing financial aid, but we want to go beyond just writing cheques. Time For Biden will be happy to allow endorsed Democratic candidates to use our office space in TFB locations should they need a temporary place to meet, mobilize, or are visiting the area while campaigning. We want all of our endorsed candidates to succeed, and hope you will join us in ensuring their victory.



Time For Biden endorses candidates after careful review of their political views, track record, and personal character. We use a high level of scrutiny in deciding who is eligible to receive our support and endorsement. 

We have high expectations for elected officials. Here are a few of the issues Time For Biden cares deeply about:

  • Healthcare reform that increases access and reduces costs
  • Women's healthcare rights
  • Protecting Dreamers and passing meaningful immigration reform
  • Protecting Consumer Protections
  • Implementing a fair tax code and eliminating corporate loopholes
  • Balancing the national budget
  • Strengthening civil rights and extending the protections for LGBT citizens
  • Rejecting populism and isolationist policies
  • Criminal Justice reform
  • Safeguarding our electoral system from foreign interference
  • Restoring Net Neutrality and expanding high speed internet access to all Americans
  • Stricter gun control and a ban on assault-style weapons
  • Increasing education funding and access
  • Raising the minimum wage
  • Full funding the VA and safety net

Is there a candidate you think we should support?

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If you do politics the right way, I believe, you can actually make people’s lives better. And integrity is the minimum ante to get into the game.
— Joe Biden