2018 Endorsements


The House


Cheri Bustos

Illinois' 17th Congressional District


Cheri Bustos has faithfully served the people of her district in congress since 2013. Time For Biden has endorsed Cheri because she has been a strong advocate for healthcare reform, education reform, and balancing the budget whilst growing the economy. We need incumbents like Cheri Bustos to remain in office to keep fighting for the future while advocating for bipartisan cooperation. We are excited to support Cheri, and look forward to seeing her win this November!


Sara Dady

Illinois' 16th Congressional District

Flipping The House

Sara Dady is an immigration lawyer running to unseat an NRA-funded Republican incumbent. Sara believes in protecting the American Dream for citizens, and those who wish to become citizens alike. We are proud to endorse Sara Dady because she will make an excellent advocate for Dreamers, small business owners, and fight for affordable and accessible healthcare. Illinois' 16th Congressional District will be lucky to be represented by Sara, and we look forward to helping her flip her district!


Chrissy Houlahan

Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional District

Flipping The House

Endorsed by Joe Biden himself, Chrissy is an incredibly qualified candidate. The daughter of a holocaust survivor, she has earned her engineering degree and masters in technology. She has taught chemistry, led non-profit organisations, and has served for years in the military to boot. Chrissy is ready to flip her district and advocate for reforms across the board. Time For Biden knows she will use her ample expertise in many fields to make her constituents and the American people proud.


Jan Schakowsky

Illinois' 9th Congressional District


A daughter of Jewish immigrants, Jan Schakowsky is truly a reflection of the strength America has through its diversity. Serving her district since 1999, Jan has been a powerful progressive voice in Congress. Time For Biden is proud to endorse Jan because we know she will continue to use her voice to tirelessly fight for healthcare reform, women's rights, and the middle class.


Jay Sidie

Kansas' 3rd Congressional District

Flipping The House

After decades living in Kansas as a successful business owner and innovator, Jay is as far from a career politician as you can get. He has never begged for special interest donations or chased the next taxpayer-funded perk. The truth is that Jay never planned to run for Congress, but he is fed up with watching our nation's economy and school systems crumble under the disastrous decisions of politicians with zero business experience. Time For Biden is excited to see Jay bring common sense to Congress this November.


Abby Finkenauer

Iowa's 1st Congressional District

Flipping The House

Abby Finkenauer is running to unseat an NRA-funded Tea Party Republican incumbent. Abby was elected in 2014 to the Iowa state house, and is ready to represent America's Heartland in DC. We have endorsed Abby because of her dedication to promoting women's healthcare rights and lowering the cost of quality higher education for all Americans. When Abby wins, we are confidant she will be a champion for working class families and small business owners.